Vueling airlines, a low-cost Spanish airline, were grappling with misconceptions about low-cost air travel. Serving both domestic and European destinations, Vueling needed to communicate the fantastic offerings in business and economy classes, as well as highlight the brand personality and affordability, in a way that triumphed over false impressions.



To coincide with Las Falles, Vueling Airlines wanted to create advertisements to promote service to selected European locations, starting at juts 10 Euros a flight. We needed to develop a whimsical and fun, in the spirit of the holiday, which also clearly communicated the brand’s messaging about trustworthy, affordable airfare.


Concept Solution

Concepts, which link to the existing, brand personality and overall communication to visit local Valencian festivities and tradition of Las Fallas. A second action to highlight the Vueling airlines Valentine special for travelers, traveling from selected locations within Europe.

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