Matching Models is a luxury modelling agency. With offices in the UK and Europe, the agency matches models with events in catering, hospitality, show business and sports. The height of elegance and sophistication, Matching Models needed a brand that would set them apart from other agencies and convey what makes them different.


We wanted to develop a exclusive voice that spoke to the audience, accurately representing the agencies core ideals. And with so many high-profile clients, we needed a spectacular vision that met high expectations. We worked closely with the client to create a brand new image entirely from scratch. We had a blank canvas, and wanted to create a powerful, all-encompassing image for a high-profile clientele. 


Brand Solution

We delivered everything the client wanted and more. We began by brainstorming name ideas, and collaborated with the client to develop “Matching Models”. Then we began building the brand by creating a logo and icon, developing the tagline, ironing out the details in the brand identity, and brining this to life with the website design with model database and brand guide book for effective communication. We helped Matching Models utilise several B2B corporate communication tools, such as visually arresting presentation, launch party, shopping bags, swag and more. The agency is among the hottest in Europe today, and our brand helped them get there.

Brand idea, identity and strategy, communication concept, art direction, graphic design, interactive media and B2C, B2B communication and marketing tools.

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