Arson Apparel is a deep-rooted action sport outerwear company from Vancouver, Canada. Arson clothing delivers protection from the natural elements, so you can focus on creativity through self-expression under any conditions.



Sometimes it takes an update to keep your brand image fresh for consumers. Arson came to use to redesign the logo to create a powerful and consistent brand message, showing that they’re a major player in the diverse global action sport market. Our goal was to extract the very essence of the “active spirit”, and infuse it into the logo to act as a visual anchor in the brand story.


Concept Solution

Whether it’s riding mountains or waves, concrete or wood, travelling the globe, playing music or simply creating, Arson explores and challenges the natural elements. We wanted a logo that would exemplify this free spirited nature and serve as the one of the brand’s most powerful B2C and B2B communication and marketing tools. We began by working with the existing Arson identity and strategy, an improving upon it though adding colour and a 3 dimensional feeling of ‘heat’ to champion the name. Our graphic design team created something that perfectly summed up everything Arson stands for.

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