Take full control with a new adventure just off the Northern Sea coastline. From young to young at heart, you will enjoy Wavekarting with family and friends with the assurance of safety so you can experience the unforgettable.


Brand Vision

The city dwellers / consumers reaching new heights, there was nonetheless a growing audience of active, adventure -conscious consumers looking for something different. Create an unforgetable adventure on the North Sea. Episode One wanted to meet these early adopters on their own ground, or should we say water. We focused first on the safety, pleasure and memorablity of your day. The key was to create a sense of ohh sh*t, however feel safe for the next big wave.



In general kiteboarding is a new sport descending from the surf and skateboard culture. We connected the characteristics resulting in vast concept opportunities. By extracting and linking their roots we created a heritage concept, connected this to the hard-core culture adding credibility for riders who love to push the envelope.

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