Orb clothing, a contemporary women’s clothing brand based in Vancouver, needed an image makeover that would truly reflect the brand’s ideals of inspiration, creativity and female empowerment. The company provides athletic-inspired clothing to vendors in Canada, Europe and the U.S., so we ne needed to create something that universally portrayed the core concepts at the heart of Orb.



We wanted to develop something colourful and memorable that would enhance user experience. We delivered a name, art direction, graphic design and created a marketing strategy to effectively communicate all of these to the target audience. The mission statement of Orb states that the company exists to “enhance the quality of all life” – Empowerment - we needed to create a brand that would express just that.


Brand Solution

We worked to develop a communication concept, helping the client tap into markets and move their brand forward. We helped them develop a marketing plan to roll out the finished product across multiple platforms. The results were tangible – we didn’t just increase brand awareness, but we also boosted sales, customers and traffic to the website with our carefully constructed creative brand. Now, Orb is on it’s way to becoming a household name in Canada, and the public are increasingly receptive to this much-loved brand.

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