After the remaming of the previous brand name to Matching Models was established into luxury modelling agency. With offices in the UK and Europe, the agency matches models with talent to events in catering, hospitality, show business and sports. The height of elegance and sophistication, Matching Models needed a brand that would set them apart from other agencies and convey the core values truly exceptional.


To demonstrate Matching Model’s unique approach to placing talent with events, we needed communication and marketing tools that would convey this in a visually stunning, eye-catching fashion for B2B and B2C viewers. We needed more than just static images. The vision was to create marketing media that would draw viewers in, keep thier attention bring the brand to life and recycle the marketing tools for online uses like social media, shows and meeting rooms, presentations, events and many more what makes Matching Models special.

Brand Solution

Once the brand idea, identity,  strategy and communication concept had been established the skill of motion graphics where applied, we created a short promotional video that engaged the viewer, about the world wide service offereing using original upbeat energetic music and stunning graphics. We began with the storyboard of a selct few sporting events and main destinations, then and rendered quality animations as the models ‘travelled’ all over the world. After finalizing the art direction and grapic design by placing the models in scene the lighting mood was set, hair and make up styling applied and images of models were taken by our photography team. The Matching Models promotional video was visable at most sorting events and could be seen at F1 and other brand related events. The result was a captivating animated video that perfectly encapsulated the USP's for Matching Models and now Matching Models had communication and marketing tools in hand. Welcome to elegance and sophistication, Matching Models.

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