The Jessica Silverman Art Gallery is a small, contemporary boutique gallery in San Francisco. Intimate and personal, the gallery supports emerging artists as well as those already on their way.



We needed something that reflecting the contemporary nature of the gallery, whilst paying homage to the depth and complexity of the artwork displayed there. Working closely with Jessica, we came up with an idea that was simple, elegant and refined, just like the gallery.


Concept Solution

We created a 3D animation video for the gallery brand. We decided that the logo should represent what the Silverman gallery is all about. It offers ‘space’, and freedom for artists to create within this open space. We developed a video that featured a open space with simplicity of tie-dyed cloud. This represented the brand philosophy, supporting the hippie era that “San Francisco state of mind”, that is still very relevant in today’s zeitgeist while also symbolising what the gallery stands for. With this in mind, we created something that would surprise the viewer, confronting them with an empty box that only imagination can fill, and then as the box turned, the tie-dyed cloud would slowly shape and appear over the blank space. A simple yet intriguing icon, the unique 3D representation was well received.



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