Balance Kiteboards were newcomers to the scene, developing kiteboards built by industry professionals. The Spanish brand needed to develop brand recognition and create a global network in a short amount of time.



We wanted to develop the graphics for each board in a way that championed the laid-back, surf-inspired culture of Balance Kiteboards. The vision was to develop fun, colourful visuals that spoke to the clientele and captured what made Balance a brand unto itself.


Our heritage skateboard and rock'n’roll sub-culture feeling was implemented into a communication concept which was realised by using the boards to develop the brand identity and strategy, with imaginative and intuitive art direction. For Balance Kiteboards, we aimed to communicate on all levels with a direct link to the board sport heritage, supporting the brand idea and created stylish and colourful, interesting and eye-catching graphic design on the Balance SK8 Deckx. Utilising nature-inspired hues, we developed colourful designs and patterns that made the products stand out from competitor offerings and speak to the customer base for added brand value and recognition. These boards were used as powerful B2C communication and marketing tools, and displayed in local skateboard, surf and snowboard sports shops.


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