60BPM is a full-service marketing and creative agency, based in the Netherlands and Belgium. They work with companies both large and small to improve their communication and design, and have one of the strongest client bases in Europe.



Create understanding for the business sector, time pressure and deliver with control and creativity. 


Concept Solution

When breaking down the company name, “60 BPM” is a healthy heart rate and the “BPM” alone stands for Brand Personality Matters. These are two key components to the communication concept. As your heart rate increases under stress, it’s important to keep a cool head. Being able to produce quality branding work even under tight deadlines is what this agency is all about, and we needed a logo to represent that. That’s why we designed the 60BPM logo with no space in between, combining the two elements through creative graphic design in way that would shape the brand’s identity and strategy. The bubble colours are symbolic of emotions, is for hot, blue for cool and green for adventurous.


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