Your brand should reflect not just the core focus and services of your business, but its identity.

That’s why we spend plenty of time getting to know you, so we can create something that does just that. We get to the core of your business, and then tailor a fully integrated branding and marketing solution around it. From website design to icon ideas to SEO solutions and social media components, no aspect of your brand is left untouched.  Our attention to detail ensures that your finished product works across multimedia, print and digital platforms, truly reflects your business ideals, and meets your brief. We are always available to answer any questions and provide help at any point in the process from planning to execution.

We all know the world’s best brands, and we all have our favourites. Brand identity shapes perceptions, marketing strategies and the way we implement them. At Episode One, we assist by managing your brand’s strategy, voice, look and feel which creates opportunities to build mutually beneficial, long-term relationships with customers.

In short, our mindset is one that focuses on the needs of the most important part of building a brand: yours.